Youth – 20-25 yrs (Girls)

Whether you’re hoping for an intimate dinner party with a few loved ones, a sunny picnic filled with party games and ice cream, or a birthday slumber party with the gals — pick one of your favorite adult birthday party themes (we’re talking trendy disco, western, Taylor Swift party themes, just to name a few) and get to it.

Youth – 20-45 yrs (Girls)

Pool Party

If you or one of your pals has a pool, take advantage of the beautiful weather and have yourself a birthday pool party. Gather all of the pool toys, snacks, SPF, as well as a bumpin’ playlist, and get the party started! 

Wine Tasting

If you and your friends are wine enthusiasts, why not host a wine tasting birthday party? Grab a few bottles from the same region and compare tasting notes together while y’all chat and catch up. 

90s Theme Birthday

Do you know what every adult birthday party should probably have? A fun theme. If you and your pals grew up in the ’90s (or simply love everything to do with that era), then bust out your baggy jeans and hire a ’90s decade band to get jiggy with it, ’90s style.


If you were hoping for some relaxing adult birthday party ideas, then you should probably hit the spa.

Spend your birthday chilling out with your closest friends over clay face masks and manicures. Choose a spa in your area, or set up at home and do it all yourselves (which is a great option if you’re on a budget).

Birthday Brunch

Celebrate another year around the sun with a birthday dance party! Head over to your favorite club or bar, or get your party guests over to your place and ~get down~ there instead. Depending on your venue, you could even hire a DJ or a live band to make your birthday party a truly unforgettable experience.

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