Mid Age Adults - 46-60 yrs (Men)

There is nothing I love more than a reason to dress up for an event. Please send me your costume party invite. I would love to attend any of these creative party themes for adults. If your guests like an experience as much as I do, then they are in for a real treat. 

Mid Age Adults - 46-60 yrs (Men)

Spy Party

“The name is Mom, Thrifty Little Mom.” Everyone loves a little danger and intrigue. A spy party allows your guests to pick one of their favorite secret agents from across the decades to emulate. Between the good guys, the bad guys, and the extra characters that make these spies exciting, there is someone for everyone.

Political Party

Dress up like a political figure. Present, past, and even the future (if you’re witty enough). Have plenty of peanuts ready for the GOP and Donkey references to kick around. Extra points for anyone in full colonial garb and powdered wig. Take a vote and see what your friends think about this adult party theme. 

Fiesta Party

Grab the Cerveza and show me the salsa (the dip or the dance, either is great). Going south of the border for your next party will prove to be a festive event. Whether you are planning for Cinco de Mayo or just planning a good time, you will love the zesty flavors and exciting colors that this theme bring to the fiesta!

White Clothing Party

The mom in me always cringes at the idea of cloth that is all white. I’m just waiting for a jelly sandwich hand to want to hug me. But for an adult party theme, I love the look this party encourages. Everything looks so pristine. Just keep me in white wine to be on the safe side. 

Pool Party

There are at least 16 pool party themes that make me giddy with delight. I think my favorite is a pool float challenge where you see who can bring the most exciting and unique float to the party. Make it your own!

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