Adolescent – 12-13 yrs (Boys)

Finding and planning the perfect ideas for the birthday party girl can sometimes prove a little challenging, so we’ve come up with them for you!

Thinking about what themes are suitable, rustling up some party games that everyone will enjoy, sorting the best birthday food, and generally ensuring that the birthday girl has a super fun party is just some exciting factors!

Adolescent – 12-13 yrs (Boys)

Disco/Dance Party

Teens love to dance, and you can transform that passion into a great party. Grab some glow sticks, hang a disco ball, and hire a DJ — or pull up your teens’ favorite playlist. Then, let them dance the night away. Be sure to have plenty of snacks for this party idea, because dancing makes teens hungry. Aim to have at least one filling option, like a taco bar, and several simple finger foods and snacks that teens love: chips, pigs in a blanket, sliders, and pinwheels. Don’t forget to ask your guest of honor (your teen) for their input so you can be sure their favorite gets on the menu!

Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery themed teenage birthday party can be quite a bit of fun. Create a “who done it” scenario complete with mystery guests (using some parents who are willing to dress up to play the part), and have your teen and their guests work together to figure out the clues to find the killer. While it’s a great idea to have party favors for all the partygoers (and any parents you roped into helping out), make sure you sweeten the pot with one big prize for the person or team who figures out the identity of the killer first.

Amusement Park Party

Not all birthday parties have to be indoors. If your teenager is a thrill-seeker, take them and some of their close friends to an amusement park. This one is easy to plan — let the roller coasters and carnival games provide the event’s entertainment.

S’mores and Bonfire Party

A s’mores bonfire party is another fun party option for a more laid-back event. You can gather around a bonfire and tell ghost stories or sing campfire songs while cooking hot dogs and marshmallows for s’mores. If you have enough space, play laser tag or flashlight tag after the fire dies down.

Paintball Party

Paintball parties are an awesome way to have some messy, action-packed fun, especially for older kids and teenagers. Many paintball facilities even offer birthday party packages. Paintball is a pretty physical activity, so it’s a big step up from the version of “capture the flag” that your teens played when they were younger! 

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