Pre Schooler – 03-06 yrs (Boys)

If you’re planning a baby shower for a mom who’s expecting a baby boy, scroll through these unique baby shower themes for inspiration. These parties are packed with everything you need to plan the perfect little man (and mom) shower! If you’re looking for baby shower themes for girls, check out our ideas too! Cuteness overload for little princesses!

Pre Schooler – 03-06 yrs(Boys)

Dinosaurs Party

Not only are dinosaurs a favorite of so many kids, but it is also a terrific theme idea! Play pin the tail on the T-Rex or have guests play dinosaur charades. Or set up a Dino Dig like The Childhood Glen has done here and have your little paleontologists searching for bones and fossiles. You could also have the cake shaped like your little guy’s favorite dinosaur and have a dinosaur move dance party!

Construction Party

Baby Shark is a huge hit with young kids and has everyone singing along to the cheerful tune.

With the growing success of Baby Shark, we have seen a massive increase in Baby Shark-themed 1si birthday parties, here at

Little boys just love it and can’t seem to get enough of this fun party theme!

So about taking your guests on an under the sea adventure?

Super Heroes Party

Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, oh my! If your little hero is a big fan of one or many superheroes, then consider a Super Heroes theme for their 5th birthday party. Ask guests to arrive as their favorite heroes or have them decorate their own capes and superhero masks. Additionally, set up an obstacle course they need to tackle, and don’t forget to capture all their hero poses in a group picture!

Safari Themed Party

If your child loves animals, a safari theme birthday party may be the right choice! Zebra striped and cheetah spotted balloons, greenery galore and a stuffed animal or two, will in essence make your guests feel like they are on a safari! Animal-shaped cookies or cupcakes would be a yummy addition and also, have guests make their own binoculars so they can look for animals at home.

Space Party

Perhaps stars, planets and maybe even aliens are more of an interest to your child. If so, consider hosting a space themed party! Hold the party in a darker room and place glow in the dark stars over the walls. Or even better, host the party at night and get everyone outside to find constellations. Another idea is to have guests work together to build their own rocket ship or solar system using cardboard and other craft supplies. A space theme party would be out of this world!

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