Adolescent – 12-13 yrs (Girls)

Sweet Sixteen Ideas For A Perfect 16th Birthday Party.

This year is about celebrating a teen’s milestone birthday: a sweet sixteen! A sweet sixteen is an important coming of age party that recognizes an individual’s growth and achievements while approaching young adulthood.

Adolescent – 12-13 yrs (Girls)

A Night In Paris

For this special occasion, what could be more special than a night in Paris themed party? Say hello, or more appropriately, “Bonjour” to this perfectly sweet sixteen. Trés chic! Paris is a very romantic destination so bring that feel back to your birthday celebration with some Parisian décor. Think Eiffel Tower, hanging lights, a café scene and of course a birthday banner.

Tiffany Blue Themed

The ever famous Tiffany & Co. luxury jewelry retailer makes a great party theme. Crowned with a white ribbon, the ever-recognizable Tiffany blue box is an international symbol of style and sophistication. Think a Tiffany blue box birthday cake, light blue balloons, streamers and the birthday girls very own logo. Whether you’re picking up a cake or making your own, a square blue tiffany box is easy to make. Frost with light blue and lay over a big white bow atop the cake for a Tiffany party feel. Easy party decorations include streamers and balloons, you can definitely find them in the perfect Tiffany blue hue and it’s as simple as placing them around the party venue.

Black And White Ball

What’s not to love about black and white decor? A sleek black and white birthday cake has sweet sixteen written all over it. Better yet, create a dessert table or station to set up somewhere at the party. Besides the beautiful birthday cake you can also fill clear jars with black and white colored candies. Other tasty theme related treats are chocolate fountains. Add two fountains, one with dark chocolate and the other with white chocolate to really bring the black and white to life. Also think black and white balloons and streamers.

Outdoor Movie Party

An outdoor movie party could make the ultimate sweet sixteen theme for a movie obsessed teen. Hanging up all their favorite movie posters and string lights, rent an old fashioned popcorn machine and soda dispenser, and rent all their favorite flicks. This relaxing party theme is sure to be loved by the birthday kid and friends alike. You may also want to include rounds of movie trivia or movie bingo.

Halloween Themed Party

If your teen loves to dress up, it might be a great idea to host a Halloween party. Encourage guests to come dressed up in their favorite costume and decorate the venue in the spookiest decor you can find. Feature games like the mummy wrap or bobbing for apples. Host a dance off to Thriller or the Monster Mash. Finally, play your teen’s favorite horror movie as the night wraps up.

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