Mid Age Adults - 46-60 yrs (Women)

There is nothing I love more than a reason to dress up for an event. Please send me your costume party invite. I would love to attend any of these creative party themes for adults. If your guests like an experience as much as I do, then they are in for a real treat. 

Mid Age Adults - 46-60 yrs (Women)

Pirate Party

From Davy Jones’ locker to the tip-top of Treasure Island, there is a pirate for everyone to enjoy. Get your gang on board with this oceanic occasion. With fun pirate party decorations and party games, hopefully, you won’t be asking, “where’s the rum?”

Luau Party

A tropical getaway doesn’t have to mean a plane ride. Relax with friends with fresh flowers and zesty foods. Tiki and Luau celebration ideas make for a great adult party theme at any time of the year! Grab the leis and coconuts and enjoy the sweet sounds of the islands.

Neon Party

If you like a little mystery in your event, a glow party is so much fun to host. The decorations are spectacular, and you transport guests into another world.


As a child of the 80s, I may be partial to this adult party theme. From the most iconic 80s accessories to the fresh music beats, this gathering will be a classic in no time.

Garden Party

The perfectly curated natural elements provide a lush environment for your outdoor event. Theme your gathering as “The Secret Garden” or “The Enchanted Garden.” It sounds like a lovely evening. 

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