Teenage – 14-19 yrs (Girls)

Choosing a birthday party theme for a teenager can seem hard. But it does not need to be.

Many of the teens still like a fun costume party or a fairy tale theme. And those who don’t might enjoy an awesome birthday activity or simply having friends over for donuts or other sweets.

Teenage – 14-19 yrs (Girls)

Backyard Campout

If your teenage girl loves the great outdoors, consider hosting a backyard campout. This is not only a great way to enjoy the fresh air but will make a great memory. Have the girls set up tents to sleep under the stars. And as the sun sets and the night gets colder, light a fire and serve smores. Get into teams and have a fort making competition. Play some teen party games and you have a fun idea for a chilled-out Sweet Sixteen party.

Gold and Blue – Starry Sky

The magical starry sky.
Gold and blue colors make a fun, festive party. Display big gold numbers, and use ornaments to add sparkle to the food tables.

Create a blue and gold balloon garland. And add some gold stars to the ceiling or the walls for extra twinkle.

Sleepover Party

Another one of our fave birthday party ideas for teen girls is the Sleepover. A girl’s sleepover party is the stuff dreams are made of. Especially when they are as pretty as these adorable Sleepover Tent Parties. What’s more fun than a cozy night in to celebrate a teenage girl’s birthday than a sleepover party! And check out this post for our favorite fun things to do at a sleepover.

Escape Room Party

An Escape Room kit is a great way to have an Escape Room party at home. The kids work in teams of two or more to solve puzzles and challenges and ultimately solve the mystery of the game. It’s a super fun way to host an original party that really involves all of your guests, gets them thinking and working together. Check out this one called Rebel Revolt, which is perfect for a teen party! 

Spa Party

A spa-themed party is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes a little rest and relaxation. While guests soak their feet in warm water, serve cute little sandwiches and cucumber water. Next, manicures and pedicures for the birthday girl and her friends!

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