61 and over(Women)

Birthdays are are one of the most memorable events for us. So make them precious, to be cherished and treasured. And what else than blasting parties can help them turn real great? Especially if the parties are laid with nice themes in sync with the true spirit. While kid’s are blessed with themes galore, the adults are often left biting their nails for a theme that rhymes with the celebration of reaching a milestone age. Well, for many of us reaching those milestone ages, say 30, 40, 50, or 75, and beyond

61 and over(Women)

Retro Theme

Before getting old, everyone experienced a youthful life. Retro back to their 20s, 30s even 40s to bring nostalgia to the night. With so many memories and experiences, it is easy to pick up some highlights and some memorable moments which is worth reliving.

Preparing videos or photos to remind them of their youthful time and inviting some old friends or someone hard to see in the daily life to the party. When going through these pictures and videos, people will have lots of fun and recall some funny memories of the old time.

The decoration of the party should be special and suitable for retro-themed parties. We can decorate the party with vintage records, disco balls, bright flowers, and kaleidoscopes which will turn the house into the old-fashioned style to make guests feel like being in a 60s club.

Las Vegas Theme

Throw an adults-only new year’s party with a theme concentrated on casinos, poker, and other lottery games to make up for the fact that your elderly friends and family members won’t be able to visit Las Vegas in the new year. Rather than using actual poker chips, have guests place bets using new year’s sweets and muffins.

All Handmade Theme

After retiring, the elderly have lots of leisure time and handmade craftwork is a good choice for them to kill time. A Handmade-themed party is also a good choice for the seniors.

We can decorate the room with handmade pieces. For example, DIY photo booths, paper cutting, knitting, tissue paper pom poms, DIY cakes and snakes, and so on. Handmade decorations are one of the best ways to make the party become more vibe and vibe.

Guests can be part of the handmade activities and make some cute DIY pieces back home. I believe that it can bring some nice memories for the guests and the seniors.

Bollywood Theme

Bollywood themed party decorations generate instant recall and make for great photos to share on social media. If you are searching for Bollywood theme party decorations at home, look no further!

High Tea

Grab your tea and crumpets and come along because this High Tea Birthday Party by Amy Movsisian of The Event Rental Company, out of Melbourne Vic Australia, will have you singing a song! Filled with thrills and frills around every corner, this adorable event is quite the charmer! So lift your little finger and take a sip and check out the following details, that are beyond hip: Gorgeous balloon arch Pink + white dessert spread Garden beverage cart Beautiful garden greenery Gold tea cups + saucers And more!

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